Worldeye Amsterdam The Netherlands is part of the Dünyagöz Hospital Group – the largest chain of eye hospitals in the world. Established in 1996 we nowadays have 25 hospitals in 6 countries. With more than 300 doctors we help almost 1 million patients annually. We have our own R&D department.

We are specialists in refractive lens implants and laser surgery to provide you a life without lenses or glasses. Dedicated specialists perform daily surgeries and treatments for cataract, corneal and retina problems, facelifts and general ophthalmology. Our prices are competitive, and our service excellent. And age? Everyone is welcome to experience our way of eye care.

We know how important it is to have confidence and understanding in your own language. That’s why we can offer you an examination and treatment in English, Spanish, Papiamento, French, Turkish, Greek and German.

When you not living in the Netherlands, but want to experience our excellence in eye care?
You should definitely choose for the best of both worlds: combining an eye treatment @Worldeye and a visit to the amazing city of Amsterdam.

We are happy to help you with a check-up, eye examination or eye treatment. As well we can assist you with arranging your travelling schedule, as we have agreements with airlines, hotels and tour guides. Personal- and customized care is our no.1 priority! Nevertheless 48.000 people from 107 countries visited one of our clinics last year.

Interesting is that according to the Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI), the Netherlands is Europe’s number one regarding quality and results, user-friendliness, accessibility, patient law, treatment results, medicines and prevention in healthcare.

Coming to Worldeye you will find the latest and state-of-the-art equipment, examination-, treatment- and operation rooms. Dutch and internationally recognized specialists are treating people 6 days a week. We offer our costumers a 24-hour hotline as a complimentary service. The clinic can be reached easily: we are located 15 minutes from Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport, opposite a Metro and bus station and at walking distance from rail station Amsterdam Zuid. From the highway you reach us within 2 minutes. We can offer you attractive deals with partner hotels, guides and museums.

Surprise yourself! And make an appointment today! Your eyes are worth it!

Why us?

For you:

Time, patience, understanding and excellence eye care….. We offer you the latest and globally-accepted technology, diagnostic- and treatment methods with competent specialist staff members for all kind of ophthalmic services to the highest standards.


We provide our services to everyone at equal standards and in a respectful manner.


We are treating our patients and their relatives with sensitivity and empathy while providing them with the best services.


You only have two eyes. By following the high standards required regarding professionalism, ethics and individual responsibilities you will feel and see the difference and gain your trust in us.

Team work:

We recognize that every employee is just as important and valuable. We care for them, and they care for you.


Achieving the best results by offering high-quality services with the dedicated work and contribution of the entire team.


Improving the quality of life of all individuals receiving our institution’s services by leveraging the creative ideas and skills of our team and ensuring the continuity of our innovative approach. Our own R&D department and patient data analysis centre helps to improve our service to you every day.


The Netherlands and its capital is the perfect spot to combine Healthcare & Tourism. A great environment and service helps to recover and seeing better sooner.


We are competitive. You will always get a fair price for the best service and highest quality. Your eyes deserve just the best. With our all-in-one policy and customized packages we are looking forward to meet you!


We offer you interesting treatment packages including guarantees and free unlimited consultations.

General eye care

Among our 5 sense organs, our eyes are the ones that show us the world’s beauties, connect us to life, give us 85% of our learning and perception capabilities. Our eyes are the most complicated and important organs next to the brain. During our life there are many diseases that can occur which can threaten our eyes because of aging, genetics, systemic diseases and external factors. It is essential for a healthy and happy life to have regular, comprehensive eye examinations. Early diagnosis is a prerequisite for successful treatment in all eye diseases. And accurate diagnosis is possible with a comprehensive examination made using the newest technologies. Experts recommend that children have an eye examination at 1, 3 and 5 years of age and adults once a year to identify possible risks even if they have no eye-related complaints.

Worldeye recommends a check up of your eyes yearly above the age of 18. A comprehensive eye examination can help to diagnose many life-threatening diseases such as Diabetes / Brain tumors / MS / Alzheimer’s disease / Blood diseases / Heart diseases / Metabolic disorders and Parkinson’s disease in addition to eye diseases at an early stage. Such disorders can be treated before they lead to serious problems.

A check up takes between 30 and 40 minutes. It can change your life.

Prices already from 95€ / 85£ / 120$ per eye

If you have any questions, or if you wish to contact us to talk about the costs, or costs covered by the health insurance, please send us an email, call us or fill in our contact form.

About laser surgery

LASER, which is the most commonly used method around the world for refractive surgeries, is also used for the treatment of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Customized intraocular lens replacement surgeries are performed for people who are not suitable for laser surgery. After a pre-exam of 1,5 hours and a laser treatment of less than 10 minutes per eye you can get rid of your glasses or contact lenses in a short time. Already the day after the treatment you are able to do almost everything you want and experience the world without glasses.

Since the early 1980s, millions of people have benefitted from this treatment and were relieved of the limitations of wearing glasses or contact lenses that they encountered in their social and professional life. The rate of success is nearly 98% if laser treatment is applied for eligible patients under the right conditions.

An eye laser treatment will change your life. You will get rid of the discomfort caused by glasses and contact lenses once and for all. You will be able to see the clock easily when you wake up in the morning or at night. You will have a natural appearance and sight without glasses or contact lenses. You will feel more comfortable and be more successful in sports activities. You will feel less discomfort from the weather, like wind and rain. You will never have problems like misplaced contact lenses or broken glasses.

Worldeye is using just the best in eye laser equipment. The RelexSmile Visumax and the Excimer laser MEL90 of Carl Zeiss are used by our doctors performing the laser treatments day after day for many years already. Using the Zeiss Visumax Femtosecond technology, a thin lenticule (disc of tissue) is created inside the eye’s front layer (cornea) in a single step. The surgeon removes the lenticule out of a 3.8 mm opening made on the cornea. There is no need to cut a flap as with Lasik or remove the outer layer like with the PRK technique. The refractive error is corrected when the shape of the cornea is changed by removing the lenticule which has been created inside the cornea. Since no flaps are created, corneal stability is preserved best whilst dry eyes after treatment are rare compared to the other types of laser surgeries. It is the SMILE technique which provides a minimal invasive treatment resulting in the highest quality of vision after treatment.

Prices for Laser from Prices from 800€ / 700£ / 950$ per eye and
RelexSMILE from Prices from 1650€ / 1450£ / 2050$ per eye.

If you have any questions, or if you wish to contact us to talk about the costs, please send us an email, call us or fill in our contact form.

Who is eligible for
eyelaser treatment?

  • Those who are over 18 and use glasses or contact lenses,
  • Those whose diopters have not changed more than 0.50 diopters during the last 1 year,
  • Those who have myopia up to -10 diopters,
  • Those who have astigmatism up to -6 diopters and hyperopia up to +4 diopters,
  • Those who have a sufficient corneal tissue thickness,
  • Those who do not suffer from systemic diseases such as diabetes or rheumatism,
  • Those who do not suffer from any other eye diseases (cone-like bulging of cornea, eye pressure etc.),
  • And those whose eye structure is found to be suitable for surgery based on the pre-operative examinations and procedures to be done.
  • For those who are not eligible for an eyelaser treatment – probably a refractive lens exchange will be the best alternative. Have a look below.

Refractive lens exchange (RLE) / Intraoculair lens treatment (IOL)

For people who don’t want to use reading glasses anymore or people who are not suitable for a laser treatment, refractive or intraocular lens surgeries are a great solution. Far-sightedness, near-sightedness and astigmatism can be corrected for the rest of your live. With these treatment methods, the natural lens in the eye is removed and replaced with a lens with multi- or trifocal functionality. These lenses contain rings which provide far, intermediate and near vision. Thus, both distant and near objects are projected clearly on the eye’s yellow spot, which provides visual acuity. Almost every patient can adapt to the change of the lens within some weeks.

Also for patients who need to undergo a cataract surgery a trifocal lens is a better option than the standard used monofocal lenses. After eliminating the cataract, in the same session also the near- or far-sightedness problem can be solved with a premium lens.

Experience is important to have an excellent sight after all. Worldeye is an outstanding place for RLE/IOL treatments. Daily our surgeons are implanting premium lenses of international well-known developers as Carl Zeiss, Johnson & Johnson and Bausch & Lomb. To improve the outcome and provide the best eye care, Worldeye is using as only eye center in the Netherlands the iTrace technology for every patient. With this device we measure and analyze the visual function between the cornea and internal optics. This gives us information how we can minimize the refractive error after a lens- or cataract exchange. But it also enables us to adapt your  treatment to the work you do, the sport you like to do or your environment. Herewith we can perfectly personalize the treatment to your wishes and expectations. It certainly will guarantee a big difference in your satisfaction and live.

Unfortunately not every eye is suitable for a RLE/IOL procedure. The professional status, age, social activity, reading habits and the intellectual level of cataract are also significant in patient selection. With a correct selection, appropriate technique, experience of the ophthalmologist and the clinic where the operation takes place – and of course correct lens selection – high success rates are achieved in this type of surgery.

First of all, the patient should have a detailed eye examination. This can take up to 1.5 hours. After we have made all measurements we are able to calculate the new lens. As you will get a personalized lens, it takes up to two weeks to have the patient unique lens delivered at the clinic. The surgery of 2 eyes in subsequent procedures, takes about 15 minutes per eye by using topical anesthesia applied with eyedrops. Already after 3 hours the patient can leave the hospital. In the first week 2 checks are necessary. Normal vision regains always within 1-2 days after surgery.

Prices from 2750€ / 2399£ / 3395$ per eye

If you have any questions, or if you wish to contact us to talk about the costs, or costs covered by the health insurance, please send us an email, call us or fill in our contact form.


Cataract is a condition that occurs when the natural lens of the eye, which provides vision and is located behind the pupil, loses its transparency and becomes cloudy. In other words, it leads to impaired vision that can be described as looking through a foggy window.

Cataract is an eye disorder which is seen mostly with elderly people. However, it can also occur in newborns, in diabetes patients or as a result of physical injuries to the eye and even as a result of long-term use of medicines with cortisone.

Symptoms of cataract: Gradual impairment of vision; sensitivity to light (glare); double vision; difficulty in reading; impaired night vision; faded or yellowed colors; frequently changing the diopters of your glasses.

Cataract is not a disease that can be treated with medication or glasses. There is not an effective method which can stop the progression of cataract and once the cataract is there it can only be treated with surgery.

Thanks to modern techniques cataract operations in Worldeye nowadays are performed by following a pain-free procedure without using needles and applying local anaesthesia by using eyedrops, patients can return home or to their hotel within a couple of hours. We normally treat both eyes at the same day to reduce travel time, the impact in daily life, and maximize the direct result of the surgery.

There are some important points that need to be considered in relation to cataract surgeries. The experience of the doctor and the quality of the lens implanted into the eye directly affect the success of the surgery. When using poor quality lenses during surgery problems may develop in the eye. This may also result in the risk of developing cataract for the second time after a short period. For patients this means risk of another surgery and additional costs. The surgeons of

Worldeye are all very experienced and only work according to the latest standards and only use A-quality lenses produced by ZEISS and Bausch&Lomb along with high quality materials and equipment.

Prices from 1.600€ / 1.450£ / 1.800$ per eye

If you have any questions, or if you wish to contact us to talk about the costs, or costs covered by the health insurance, please send us an email, call us or fill in our contact form.


NHS funded private treatment abroad for people living in the UK.

Patient living in the United Kingdom has the right to choose a medical service provider in the EEA (European Economic Area) and can lawfully recover the costs from the National Health Service (NHS). This means that any person living in the UK can seek healthcare abroad and be reimbursed.

For several years, MedrefundLTD have helped the residents of the United Kingdom to complete all formalities to reimburse money spent on medical services received in European Union (EU).

If you are waiting for an operation or any other service that is available under the NHS you can exercise your right to have your treatment abroad and we can help you to reimburse the money you have paid from NHS. The reorganisation of the NHS and the tight budget resulted in many patients being refused treatment for conditions considered as non-emergency. Some patients are not receiving specialist consultations while others are refused treatment or are made to wait unreasonable long waiting times. You are entitled to NHS paid private treatment abroad. And you can legally “jump” the NHS queue.

In accordance with the legislation of the United Kingdom, every person legally residing in this country has the right to choose a medical services provider not only in the UK but in any other EU country as well. When receiving treatment outside the United Kingdom, its residents have the right to for full or partial refund for spent on healthcare.

The residents of the UK and may get treatment in the EU as well and get a refund from their country of residence – in the same amount that the NHS would pay to healthcare personnel for a specific service in the United Kingdom. In Netherlands, the prices of medical services are lower than in the United Kingdom even in private healthcare facilities.

Understanding that it may be complicated to complete all the necessary formalities with no outside help, we inform our patients about the possibility to use the assistance of Medrefund LTD. Over a period of years, cooperation between the clinics across Europe and the Medrefund LTD has evolved into a fruitful and reliable relationship – patients who have cooperated with Medrefund have at least partially regained the money paid for services received abroad if treatment would be available under NHS.

NHS funded private treatment abroad.

Medrefund LTD – medical cost recovery.

Call: +44 772 943 8051





Eye lid surgery &

From eyelid surgery to eyebrow lifts, from removal of eye bags to prosthetic eyes and intraocular tumor surgeries, all kinds of treatment and plastic surgery applications are performed through oculoplastic and orbital surgery in our hospital. Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) involves removing the excess fat, muscle and skin tissue in the upper and lower eyelids, stretching the periocular regions that support these tissues.

This surgical intervention allows correcting saggy, turned-in or turned-out upper and lower eyelids, eye bags forming due to trapped excess fat and wrinkles around the eyes, and giving the patient a more youthful and energetic look by getting rid of their former old and tired appearance. Surgical procedures may be performed under general or local anesthesia depending on the circumstances.

Eye lid surgery and/or injections with hyaluron-injections or temporarily fillers will change your life: it’s makes you younger, less tired and happier.

Prices from 375€ / 325£ / 475$ per eye

If you have any questions, or if you wish to contact us to talk about the costs, please send us an email, call us or fill in our contact form.

Your team in Amsterdam

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Worldeye, because your eyes only deserve the best!

With kind regards,

Clinical director Amsterdam drs. Jacco E.M. Vroegop
Director Worldeye/Dünyagöz Hospital Group mr. Eray Kapicioglu

Eye care & Tourism

The Worldeye / Dünyagöz Hospitals Group performs eye surgeries on 2.500 foreign patients on average each month and attracts more than 48.000 foreign patients to our hospitals every year. Patients find their way to us by internet, word of mouth, recommendation or via agencies located in many countries.

The city of Amsterdam is full of great hotels, apartments or Airbnb places. We have agreements with some of them for interesting prices. The city and the area around the clinic, is an exciting area full of restaurants, bars and great spots to visit. And of course we are always there for you to give you insider tips or personal advice related to your wishes. It’s only a 15 minutes drive from the airport to our hospital. We are close to the main Amsterdam highways. A couple minutes walk from the underground, tram and train.

Worldeye can offer all kinds of eye care to everyone between the age of 2 and 100. Our service is always with patience and care and is customized. You, your relative or your customer will experience eye care of the largest eye hospital group in the world in the country with the best healthcare in the world. Without doubt your live will change after a visit to Worldeye and Amsterdam!

To all our foreign patients we offer a special customized medical tourism package. In the treatment prices is always included:

  • Personal meeting at the airport
  • Airport-Hospital-Hotel transfers
  • Preliminary tests and examinations
  • Surgical/treatment services
  • Supply of the patient's initial medication

At additional costs we offer as well:

  • Hotel stays at one of the 3/4/5 star hotels co-operating with us;
  • A tour with guide though Amsterdam
  • Partner program

Please send an email with your enquiry, question(s) or whishes to and we will contact you as soon as possible.
From 08:30 h until 18:00 GMT+1 you can also contact us by calling + 31 85 029 00 11.


Undoubtedly one of the jewels of Europe, not only just because of the stunning 17th century canals. Amsterdam, the Dutch capital, is known for its artistic heritage, the historic buildings, beautiful museums and pleasant ambiance. Go for a boat tour on the canals, stroll through Vondelpark, hire a bike and go shopping in the inner city. Amsterdam is a unique city!

The pleasant Jordaan district offers narrow streets, bustling cafés and stately merchant houses lining the famous canals. Go for shopping in the small boutiques and art galleries in de ‘9 straatjes’ or visit amazing department stores as De Bijenkorf or Magna Plaza.

Amsterdam is known as the city of Diamonds. As one of Europe’s most famous cities for extraordinary Diamonds, Gassan or Coster Diamonds are great spots for free tours and more. Amsterdam has also the world’s highest museum density and is home of cultural treasures like the Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum and The Rijksmuseum with its world-famous “The Night Watch” by Rembrand the painter.

The name of the city dates from the 12th century, when a dam was built in the Amstel river. Today the water is still a defining element of Amsterdam. You should definitely go on a boat tour and discover the historic canal ring, which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011. Did you know Amsterdam has more canals then Venice in Italy?

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a country with just over 17 million inhabitants. More than 3.5 million of them have a foreign background. Everyone parties and turn the country into orange at the Kings birthday on April 27th.

With Amsterdam as capital and The Hague as governmental city, you will find in all cities water, flowers, beer, coffee and cheese.

Windmills are just as common as bicycles and canals. Beautiful old 17th century houses and impressive modern architecture can be found all over the country. Dikes and dunes protecting the country as 55% of the land is located below sea level.

The Netherlands, sometimes also called Holland – two provinces in the west of the country – consistently ranks among the top places in the world to live and work. It may be a small country in size, but certainly not in impact. It’s famed for its liberal social policies, maritime trading traditions, battles to hold back the sea, robust multiculturalism and leading technological communications. It makes the Dutch lifestyle a mosaic of cultural intrigue.

The Dutch are liberal in their habits and way of thinking. They are proud of their ideas of freedom, open market trading, their Royal Family and the typical Dutch no-nonsense-culture.

Demographical features

  • Head of state: King Willem Alexander of Oranje Nassau
  • Capital: Amsterdam, with ’only 825.080 inhabitants’ (larger area 2.5 million people)
  • 17,02 Million people living within the country.
  • Size: 41.530 km2, 40.4 people per square kilometre
  • 11% of the country is water
  • More than a quarter of the Netherlands is located below sea level
  • Without dikes and dunes, 60% country would be under water regularly, that’s why The Netherlands are also named the low countries, it is Europe’s lowest country.
  • Average mortality age: 83,3 yrs; average age: 39 yrs.
  • Dutch men are in average the tallest in the world with an average height of 182,5cm
  • GDP: € 800 milliards (16th in the World)
  • The first multinational company, stocks and stock exchange were Dutch and established in 1602.
  • Average income: € 2.855- gross / € 2.152 netto
  • Inflation rate: 1,3%
  • Unemployment rate: 3,6%
  • The Netherlands main industries: petroleum, metals, chemicals, water management, communication, dredging, electronics, transport through the port of Rotterdam and Schiphol airport.
  • The most important trading partners: Germany, UK, China, Belgium, Russia, Italy, US
  • Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport offers more direct flight destinations than any airport in the world
  • Almost 80 percent of the world’s flower bulbs come from the Netherlands
  • The Netherlands is the largest beer exporter in the world > 1.6 billion litres of beer
  • Over 1000 windmills are still standing all over the country since 1850.
  • The Netherlands produces around 6 million souvenir clogs each year
  • With 18 million bikes, there are more bikes than people in our country
  • Rembrandt, Vermeer, van Gogh, Escher, Miffy, Phillips, ING, KPMG, Unilver, Royal Dutch Shell, Heineken Beer, KLM are all Dutch.

We are happy to give you more information concerning our clinic, specialists and treatments, or answer any of your questions to our Eye Care & Tourism packages.

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Worldeye, because your eyes only deserve the best!

With kind regards,

Clinical director Amsterdam drs. Jacco E.M. Vroegop
Director Worldeye/Dünyagöz Hospital Group mr. Eray Kapıcıoğlu